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The benefits of having a faster train service from Camberley, Bagshot and Frimley

The benefits of faster direct rail journeys from Camberley, Frimley and Bagshot to London Waterloo and better connections for journeys to the South and South West will be:

1. 12 million car kilometres taken off local roads, resulting in greatly reduced peak time traffic congestion and a reduction of 1800 tonnes of

carbon emissions per annum; due to passengers from Camberley, Frimley and Bagshot, who currently drive to many other stations such as Farnborough Main, no longer needing to

2. An increase of £20 million in the local economy per year; through more jobs and more people wanting to live in Camberley, Bagshot and Frimley resulting in greater retail turnover and higher shop occupancy

3. £1/2 million additional rail revenue per year;  from more people travelling by train to Waterloo. Currently many people are put off from travelling to London by having to change trains and negotiate steps at Ascot or Ash Vale